15 aprile, 2010


Leggere il manifesto di Brusse è un'esperienza edificante. perchè le immagini così suggestive del suo lavoro, intime, dolci, tenere come le caramelle appoggiate su questo letto in realtà sono il frutto di una ricerca costante e implacabile della felicità e dell'amore. Non un atto dovuto quindi, nè semplice per definizione.

But Brusse felt he should not stop to question love by writing a number of books. he is re-inventing the world through the new road sign nextdoor, namely streetart. He mixes up the relations of Barcelona and other cities, with interventions he makes across the city landscape and throws his message to the one who travels or lives the cities. So that a kind of nudity of oneself appear when caught up by the reflection of the next out or indoor artwork that flashes and touches you by the moment. As a consequence Brusse will also be hanging between your bedroom and terrace walls so that you could adapt to the way he catches his vision "of the intimacy of the worlds". He is catching the attention of the gallery owners and the public by letting them dwell in his relationship towards life as love and his emotional reason as he sees and wishes it. He started out with intimacy between man and woman and will caught us up in his new challenges of "a new begin and end" for a true destination in this world. He is, as so, spreading out his wings to catch up with humanity in his loveboat that arrives at every port of the city to inject and reflect the one with the power of love. His love matches have also found their ways in paintings and screenprints which are to be found and to buy in his galleries. The editions of the works are also to be found on the web and can be required, and even the book is for sale in the bookstores and on the web. Because, yes, love, of course, can not be fed by love itself but may be transported through the media of art. And will so, give a traduction that gains the financial aspect of 'its' drive.

Seed Cathedral for the UK Shanghai Pavilion by Heatherwick studio

Esaustivo e ricco di immagini suggestive l'articolo di Marcia Argyriades per yatzer che trovate qui.